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Published on May 23, 2017

Josh Fairbrother/Facebook

Springtime is a frustrating and stressful time for many high school seniors across the country. Finals, Spring sports, prom and more get thrown onto these 17- and 18-year-olds as they realize the world they’ve lived in is coming to a drastic change when they select the college that they will attend for the next four years.

So how did one senior announce the school of her choosing? With an incredible shot and amazing pyrotechnics.


A video for a scholarship from one of my students!

Posted by Josh Fairbrother on Monday, May 15, 2017

Impressed? I sure am.

This video was posted on Facebook by Josh Fairbrother, who according to his profile is the College and Career Advisor for Lake City High School in Lake City, Michigan. The prospective college student is identified as Valerie Aten on her school district Facebook page, but we’ll call her Green Arrow due to her selection.

Let’s break this down.

What schools are available?

Three in-state universities of good standing: University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Michigan Tech. U of M and MSU are the two biggest schools in the state, so putting that rivalry front and center is already building the excitement. Michigan Tech is a NCAA D2 school with a feature sport of D1 Hockey based out of Houghton, Michigan. Located in the Upper Peninsula of the state, the bow hunting is extremely better compared to that in the Lower Peninsula.

Not displayed: my alma mater of Northern Michigan University. Holding that against you, Ms. Aten.

What happens when the shot is made?

In front of each banner is a standard 110 millimeter (4.33 inch) target. She only has the one arrow in the shot, so no backup if she misses.

As the target is hit, it releases the banner, shooting straight up the flagpole to fly high above all the rest. Very poetic. Oh, it also shoots off fireworks. I’m sure proper safety measures were taken.

How did she shoot straight with all that swagger?

As Aten heads to her mark, she uses her shot as a metaphor. As the video is shot during twilight, it is a nice statement on how picking the right institution of higher learning signifies the twilight of a student’s high school experience. What’s more impressive is how she’s able to throw so much shade in her dialogue.

She starts off with comparing the college closest to a student like a 10-yard shot. Easy and safe is not for her. The closest typical four-year university to Lake City is Ferris State in Big Rapids, so keep calm and “Imagine More” Bulldog faithful.

Next is what she says is the “easiest for (students)” at a 20-yard shot. That’s probably why Northern Michigan wasn’t an option…

Well, neither were the other directional Michigan schools. So maybe she meant easiest for students to describe with a principal direction. Yeah, let’s go with that.

She gave credit to some of her fellow students when she said “a few like to exceed expectations like 30 yard shot.” Nice parting words to the two schools she didn’t choose.

But at 40 yards, the Green Arrow displays her choice with pride. Congrats to her and Sparty Nation and best of luck in getting that degree.

It is also important to note what this can do for Lake City High. Usually, colleges and universities will talk about how after a national championship appearance, their number of applications grows. A larger student body means more money now and better alumni mean more money later in donations, so a larger pool of potential students is always desired.

In Michigan, school districts have the option to engage in a program called “Schools of Choice” which allows students and their families to choose which school to attend. Keep up the videos like this and colleges across the Midwest are going to be paying attention to every Lake City Trojan, potentially increasing interest in this small school in Northern Lower Michigan.


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